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Welcome to Bridging Options. We provide expert financial solutions for residential and commercial clients across the UK.

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Are you looking for a way to ‘bridge the gap’ with fast access to interest-only finance? We specialise in short-term loans which are usually used to help finance the purchase of residential property or commercial developments. Bridging loans can be available within 5 – 15 days, depending on your personal finances and the value of the building(s) you are securing the loan against. Loan periods are typically between 6-12 months and start from £25,000 up to £25 million. Interest can be paid monthly or rolled into the final repayment amount. This means no repayments are made until the loan is repaid in full. For more advice and to speak to a specialist contact us or complete our enquiry form.

Why Use Our Bridging Loan Service?

Fast Turnaround

Our specialists can provide you with a loan within 5-15 days, often quicker depending on your finances and what you're securing the loan against.

Specialist Knowledge

Speak to a bridging loan specialist about the options available to you by phoning or completing our enquiry form for a call back.

Fast Application

Our advisors make the application process simple with reduced red tape, quickly guiding you through the loan process.

No Exit Fees

Unlike regular mortgages, you can repay the loan early without having to pay an early repayment penalty. Pay when you are ready to do so.

how to finance auction property with bridging loans

How to Finance Auction Properties with a Bridging Loan

If there’s one thing you need to be before stepping into an auction, it’s to be prepared. It’s not as simple as bidding for a property and just winning it over, you need to be in a position that your finances are in order. If your organisation is there, then the rest can run smoothly…

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how do bridging loans work

How Do Bridging Loans Work?

Buying a property when your current home is yet to sell, can be beyond frustrating. However, a bridging loan can make life that little bit easier. It’s also possible to use bridging loans for commercial developments, auction finance, and other property purchases. But how do bridging loans work exactly? How do bridging loans work? Bridging

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how much do bridging loans cost

How Much Do Bridging Loans Cost?

Bridging loans are a type of short term secured finance used by landlords, developers and property owners in order to fund their next project. To work out how much a bridging loan costs, it’s important to be aware of all additional charges. On top of the initial amount borrowed, you will need to pay bridge

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what are bridging loans

What are Bridging Loans?

Buying and selling property can be precarious, stressful and often leads to heartbreak. But, by taking out a short term bridging loan, you’ll not only secure the house of your dreams but save yourself a home buying headache in the long run. What is a bridge loan? Bridging loans essentially “bridge” the gap between selling

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are bridging loans still available and still exist

Do Bridging Loans Still Exist and are They Still Available?

Bridging loans offer short-term funding, letting borrowers bridge the gap between two transactions. In most cases, bridging finance will cover you when buying one house and selling another, a commercial property purchase, or in a short-term debt situation. However, during the credit crunch of 2008, many high street lenders started to reduce their risk and

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