Bridging Loans in Lancashire

If you are looking to purchase a Lancashire property, or you need to secure funding for property development, retirement relocation, and more, Bridging Options is here to help. This page will cover all the basics of bridge finance.
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    bridging loans in lancashire

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    We can help you secure a bridging loan for property and land finance in Lancashire

    At Bridging Options, our team is equipped to connect you with high street lenders if needed, or a traditional lender if you need a typical bridging loan for residential properties.

    What is a bridging loan?

    A bridging loan is first and foremost, short-term finance. It is finance that you can use to buy a property, and typically within a few months, you would then sell or refinance the property in question to then pay the bridging loan back. Bridging loans work as a stop-gap solution.

    So why would you choose to use bridging finance? You likely think it is sensible to use a mortgage, and it certainly is for most property purchasers the first time around, but a temporary cash-flow problem is a natural part of life, and this is where bridging finance can make a property transaction much easier. Bridging loans are perfect for properties that are not exactly mortgageable or indeed, for a situation where you may be looking to pull your cash back out or even refinance.

    Mortgages are not designed for short-term loans, so if you want to flip a property, for example, mortgages are not designed for this or even property refurbishments since this is an example of short-term finance.

    How do you get a bridging loan in Lancashire?

    When you need a Lancashire bridging loan, finding an appointed representative and using a bridging loan calculator are the best first steps.

    An authorised and regulated representative can find leading bridging loan deals for a property purchase that you may otherwise have not found, had you contacted lenders directly.

    Representatives are regulated to offer both open bridging loans or debt secured closed bridging loans if needed.

    You can read more about using a bridging finance calculator here.

    Who can get a bridging loan?

    Bridging loan options are available for virtually anyone needing a bridging loan. But there are some important key details to keep in mind.

    You will need to have an existing home or some form of acceptable collateral in order to qualify. Lenders will need to ensure your investment can cover the potential costs of the loan if repayment cannot occur.

    A strong and solid exit strategy is crucial, especially if you are seeking a new property purchase or you are going forward with purchasing an auction property.

    Your credit score and history will be evaluated, but if you have adverse credit, this is not an automatic denial, it depends on the specific lender- at Bridging Options we can help you connect with lenders in this area.

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    Who can get a bridging loan in Lancashire?

    Virtually anyone can get a bridging loan in Lancashire granted you meet the qualifications.

    Property finance largely centres around the value of your current property that is then matched to the new property in Lancashire you are seeking to purchase.

    Firm exit strategies and consideration of other debts or a current mortgage are also factored into the decision-making process.

    Types of bridging finance available in Lancashire

    Typically, there are three main types of bridging finance available: commercial, residential, and development finance.

    Let’s take a look at all three trading styles.

    Commercial bridging loans

    There are bridging loans to help you acquire commercial properties could be but are not limited to, farming and agricultural properties, hotels, rental properties, etc.

    Residential bridging loans

    The need to provide finance in a speedy manner for residential property is perhaps the main focus of bridge loans. When a mortgage is not enough, a loan within bridging finance is perfect for a purchase in either first, second, or even third charge, bridging loan choices.

    Development finance

    Development is often something that falls outside of the purview of a traditional mortgage, therefore, when seeking property developmental needs, a non-status bridging loan is a perfect choice.

    About Bridging Options

    At Bridging Options we specialise in providing short-term loans to help purchase commercial or residential developments and property. If you would like advice or to speak to a finance expert please contact us.

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    Commercial Loans in lancashire

    Commercial bridging loans offer a short-term funding solution for businesses, landlords, property developers and land owners in the UK.

    Residential Loans in lancashire

    Residential bridging loans are a popular and useful form of property finance, but at Bridging Options, we appreciate that comparing different rates and terms can be complex and confusing.

    Development Loans in lancashire

    Development finance offers short-term funding to those who need help with the purchasing and/or building costs of a construction project.
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    General Bridging Finance FAQs
    To learn more about bridging loans for your residential property needs, take a look at some of our most frequently asked questions below, or get in touch today:

    As with any fair investment company, and certainly with a mortgage, there are sets of criteria that must be met to secure bridge loans. Typically, you will need to have perfect exit strategies, adequate and steady income, a property that matches the value of the loan, and decent credit history.


    Being regulated protects you from any form of mis-selling and bad advice, amongst other things, and allows you to log complaints to the Financial Ombudsman Service.

    If, however, you take out a bridging loan that is secured on a property that you, your partner or a close family member do not live in, it is likely to be exempt from FCA regulations. This is often the case for buy to let properties.

    Just like a mortgage, you will also need proof of income to secure bridge finance. This is crucial to ensure you can make up for any deficiencies that may arise if the sale of a property falls through.

    The approval process is varied, but you can usually expect the process to complete within 1-3 weeks. The processing of your application is much shorter, and you will typically be connected to a lender within 24-48 hours.

    The usual length of these loans is 12 months, but the time allotted before payback of the loan can range as high as three years. There are also some forms of bridging that can last for only a few months. But one year is certainly the industry standard based on a typical residential type of bridging.

    Yes, you must have some form of acceptable collateral in order to qualify for bridging loans. This is almost always a house that you are placing for sale, but depending on the type of loan you are seeking, this could also come in the form of expensive items like jewellery, vehicles, or something of great value that the lender is willing to accept. You can use a bridging loan calculator to calculate exactly how much you can expect to receive based on the value of your property or the miscellaneous item in question, but it would be worth speaking to a lender first to get approval.

    Why choose Bridging Options for your bridging loan in lancashire?

    We work tirelessly to connect those needing bridging finance in Lancashire to the lender that will meet their own individual needs.

    Whether you need advice on the process in more detail, or you need to be connected to a lender as soon as possible, we are here to help and meet your needs in a timely, courteous, and professional manner.

    You can contact us by submitting an online enquiry via our website contact form here.