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Commercial Bridging Loans for Farmers
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    When purchasing land for farming or development, the right finance solution can make all the difference.

    At Bridging Options, we specialise in various types of land and property finance. Our services are focused on connecting customers to the most suitable bridging loans and short-term finance solutions for their needs. We’re partnered with property experts who are connected with some of the top lenders offering the best rates in the bridging finance market. Our farm financing and agricultural bridging loan services connect you with the right professionals to achieve your projects.

    How do agricultural bridging loans work?

    Farmers and landowners can use farm finance and agricultural bridging loans to secure finance quickly against land and assets they already own. These loans are designed to provide a short-term farm finance arrangement between 1 month and 3 years to facilitate quick land purchases and development projects.

    The amount you can borrow depends on your current assets and the value of the land or agricultural property you can use as security.

    You can repay the agricultural finance with funds from your farming business or another form of long-term finance solution. You’ll usually have monthly interest payments to consider, which, depending on your loan terms, could be “rolled up” and paid in one go or paid monthly.

    Why use a bridging loan for agricultural reasons?

    Agricultural bridging loans are particularly useful for farmers, landowners and agricultural businesses that need fast access to financing to snap up time-sensitive opportunities. These can include purchasing additional land to expand an existing farm, carrying out property refurbishment projects or diversifying into new sectors.

    At Bridging Options, we understand that every client has a different set of requirements and work hard to ensure we meet their every need. We have identified a variety of challenges where an agricultural bridging loan can serve as the optimal solution.

    Farm finance for quick land purchases

    As a farmer or landowner, there may come a time when you need immediate finance to facilitate a quick land purchase. You may even know of a neighbouring landowner or farmer selling their land. In this case, a bridging loan would be ideal for securing the sale at a reasonable price, allowing you to start planning for the expansion of your existing farm or other development projects.

    We can help you secure farm finance on existing assets or forward purchase land or agricultural property to ensure a smooth sale.

    Loans for agricultural machinery

    Purchasing agricultural machinery can be expensive, but it is often made more manageable by securing the finance against an existing asset. Our experts have helped many farmers and landowners purchase whole fleets of agricultural machinery using bridging loans. We can arrange bridging loans for agricultural purposes from £100,000 up to £30 million if you have the available security.

    Types of agricultural machinery you could arrange short-time farm finance for:

    • Tractors
    • ATV & RTV
    • Grassland machinery
    • Cultivation machinery
    • Drilling & planting machinery
    • Harvest machinery
    • Livestock handling systems
    • Robotic milking systems
    • Grading lines
    • Farm security
    • Food processing units
    • Bottling plants
    • Livestock feed systems
    • Irrigation equipment

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    Loans for agricultural diversification

    Farmers and landowners can look to use existing farmland or assets to expand their businesses and open up new revenue streams.

    You may diversify in many ways, such as turning part of your farm into a family tourist attraction or adding a café and restaurant. Changing your farming direction could also be the result of external factors. Agricultural diversification can be expensive, but at Bridging Options, our service is designed to connect you with the right experts who are ready to help you arrange the short-term finance solution you need to achieve your diversification goals.

    Agricultural recovery and restructuring finance options

    Farming can be volatile and weather-dependent, with many other external factors that are well out of your control. In some instances, the need for recovery and restructuring work must be arranged quickly and without much warning. This is where short-term agricultural bridging finance can help with recovery and restructuring.

    The speed at which a bridging loan can be arranged and the funds released can make all the difference in how your farming business recovers. Our connection of agricultural and commercial bridging specialists can talk you through the finance options and timelines for your own recovery and restructuring purposes.

    Transferring your farm through the generations

    Generational transfer is not uncommon in the agricultural sector, with farms staying in families for years to come. In many cases, this is passed between one generation and the next at a reduced market value cost, often with the current owner still taking some capital from the farm.

    Commercial bridging finance can be arranged to fund a generational transfer from one family member to another. This can be secured on the farm itself, and then when the transfer has been completed, we can work with you to look at longer-term financing solutions to pay back your short-term commercial bridging loan.

    Farm finance options to purchase more livestock

    As a farmer or land owner, your livestock has a tangible value and expanding it can boost your business and profitability immensely. Since it often requires upfront investment, you may use bridging finance to buy more livestock. This finance can even be secured on your existing livestock.

    Our agricultural bridging loan service connects you with specialist brokers and professionals who can arrange a quick financial solution that suits your current situation.

    Why do farmers and landowners use agricultural bridging loans for commercial purposes?

    Farming and agricultural businesses are rapidly moving, and opportunities will arise where you need to make a fast decision. The ability to quickly organise short-term finance is attractive as it allows you to react to opportunities as they arise.

    There are many reasons why farmers and landowners may want to use bridging finance to facilitate commercial ventures, but it often comes down to profitability and ensuring their future finances are secured.

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    Frequently asked questions about agricultural finance

    Is farm finance only available to farmers?

    Farm finance is primarily designed to support agricultural businesses, but it is also accessible to landowners or developers looking to diversify into other sectors, such as renewable energy.

    How quickly can you get agricultural bridging finance?

    While the turnaround time for agricultural bridging loans varies depending on your situation, project scope and lender terms, we’re committed to providing a straightforward process with fast results. Most farming and land finance can be secured within a matter of weeks.

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