Farm Finance & Agricultural Bridging Loans

Farm finance and agricultural bridging loans can be used by farmers and land owners to secure finance quickly against land and assets they already own. Agricultural bridging loans are designed to provide a short-term farm finance arrangement between 1 month to 3 years. The amount you can borrow depends on your current assets and the value you can use as security on the land or agricultural property.

Why use a bridging loan for agricultural reasons?

There are several reasons you may want to arrange an agricultural bridging loan or farm finance if you are a land owner or farmer. Our panel of agricultural finance experts understand that every client has a different set of requirements.

We have provided a range of common problems where the solution of an agricultural bridging loan can be the solution:

Farm finance for quick land purchases

As a farmer or land owner you will inevitably know other land owners and farmers locally who may be looking for a quick sale of their land or property. In an ever-growing housing market, the need to ensure that when land is purchased its use is not changed. This can be paramount for and owners and farmers alike. We can help you secure farm finance on existing assets or forward purchase land an agricultural property to ensure a smooth sale.

Loans for agricultural machinery

Agricultural machinery can be expensive and in many cases, there is no way to purchase this type of machinery without arranging finance. You could be securing a short term bridging loan on an existing asset for purchasing machinery. Our finance experts have helped many farmers and land owners purchases whole fleets of agricultural machinery using bridging loans. We are able to arrange bridging loans for agricultural purposes from £20,000 up to £30 million if you have the available security.

Types of agricultural machinery you could arrange short time farm finance for:

  • Tractors
  • ATV & RTV
  • Grassland machinery
  • Cultivation machinery
  • Drilling & planting machinery
  • Harvest machinery
  • Livestock handling systems
  • Robotic milking systems
  • Grading lines
  • Farm security
  • Food processing units
  • Bottling plants
  • Livestock feed systems
  • Irrigation equipment

Loans for agricultural diversification

Famers and land owners can look to change the direction of their business by utilising farm land or assets to move into new business areas. You may diversify for many reasons such as turning part of your farm in into a family tourist attraction, or adding a café and restaurant. Changing your farming direction could also be the result of external factors. Agricultural diversification can be expensive but at here we work with a panel of agricultural bridging experts who are ready to help you arrange the short term finance solution you need to diversify your farming business and security for the future.

Agricultural recovery and restructure finance options

Farming can be volatile and weather dependent with many other external factors that can be well out of your control. In some instances, the need for recovery and restructure work needs to be arranged quickly and without a great amount of warning. This is where short term agricultural bridging finance can help with recover and restructuring. The speed in which a bridging loan can be arranged, and funds released to you can make all the difference to how your farming business recovers. Our expert agricultural commercial bridging specialists have arranged loans and released funds in as little as 48 hours for recovering and restructuring purposes.

Transferring your farm through the generations

Generational transfer is not uncommon in the agricultural industry. With farms staying in family’s for many years. In many cases this is passed between one generation to the next at a reduced cost of market value, often with the current owner still taking some capital from the farm.

Commercial bridging finance can be arranged to finance a generational transfer from one family member to another. This can be secured on the farm itself, and then when the transfer has completed we can work with you to look at longer term financing solutions to pay back your short term commercial bridging loan.

Farm finance options to purchase more livestock

As a farmer or land owner your livestock has a tangible value. It is possible to take finance secured on your existing livestock. You may want to use bridging finance to purchase more livestock and this can also be achieved. Our panel of bridging experts can arrange finance for you quickly on the purchase of livestock.

Why do farmers and land owners use agricultural bridging loans for commercial purposes?

Farming and agricultural business is rapidly fast moving, and opportunities will arise where you need to be able to make a fast decision. Having the ability to quickly organise short term finance is attractive as it allows you to react to opportunities as they arise. There are many reasons why farmers and land owners may want to use bridging finance, using our panel of experts you can understand the benefits for you as a farmer or land owner.

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