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    bridging loans for businesses

    Fast, readily available finance can make all the difference in running a successful business. Unless you have a large percentage of your own capital that you are willing to re-invest, it is likely that at some point you will need to seek additional funding.

    Business bridging loans offer a viable finance method for funding time-sensitive projects such as purchasing new premises, investing in business opportunities or settling debts, and are a popular alternative to traditional loans that take longer to arrange.

    Whether you are a start-up entrepreneur, small enterprise or large establishment, today’s businesses have access to a range of funding solutions. From secured loans to development finance and even crowd funding, capital can be obtained for a variety of purposes. But, if you need money in a hurry, then a business bridge loan is the most popular choice.

    Commercial bridge loans for businesses

    Most people associate bridge loans with the buying and selling of residential or commercial property, but did you know that business bridge finance can also be used to secure investment opportunities or to help a company who requires financial aid?

    All businesses experience peaks and troughs and therefore cash flow issues are inevitable. In order to minimise the effects, it is important that businesses find alternative forms of funding fast.  But, as high streets banks have started to impose tighter borrowing criteria that takes longer to process, most business owners are turning to short term bridge loans instead.

    Unlike traditional lenders, at Bridging Options we only focus on your future business abilities and the way in which you intend to repay the loan. We are not concerned with past performance or credit ratings, but instead place an emphasis on the business assets that will be used to secure the bridge loan. This could be:

    • the sale of an existing commercial property or premises
    • office equipment
    • stocks and shares
    • client invoices and sales

    If you are interested in learning more about our business bridge finance, then why not complete our quick enquiry form and find out more about the options available to you.

    Reasons to take out business bridging finance

    Although bridge loans are predominately taken to purchase new premises, they are also used to fund business growth periods and for employing more staff, buying additional inventory or investing in marketing activities. The most popular reasons that our clients take out business finance with us include:

    • Investing in new premises. When relocating or upgrading offices, bridging loans offer a good source of temporary finance. Using the premises as security, the loan can be repaid once the sale is complete or the company has expanded and boosted its profits.
    • Stocks and Investments. Providing you have adequate collateral at the ready, a bridge loan can enable you to act fast on investment opportunities such as stocks and shares, in order to maximise your returns.
    • Business Opportunities. Sometimes you have only a short window of opportunity in order to capitalise and so a quick injection of cash can make all the difference. For example, if you are a seasonal business such as a campsite, then you may need to invest in additional advertising over the winter period to ensure that you are fully booked for summer. A bridge loan can lend you the finance during the quieter periods and enable you to repay the loan once you have increased your revenue.
    • Managing financial affairs. A business bridge loan can help to stabilise your business during financial fluctuations or if you need to purchase stock and equipment in advance.
    • Unexpected payments. However hard we plan and predict, there are always times when we are faced with the unexpected. A bridge loan can provide you with working capital for your business to help settle unforeseen tax bills and fines or pay for broken equipment or unplanned building work.
    • Refinancing of maturing commercial debt. If a company is in financial difficulty and are unable to the meet their current debt obligations, it is often worth consolidating them into one bridge loan. This enables companies to save significantly on multiple interest rates and free up cash for operations and further investment that could help bolster growth.

    Benefits of taking a bridge loan

    Although the terms and conditions for taking a property development bridge loan, construction bridge loan, land bridge loan or a business bridge loan may differ; the advantages remain the same. Bridge loans are great when you need:

    1. Fast and fuss free access to funding. Regardless of whether you want £50,000, £500,000 or £5 million, at Bridging Options we try to make your money available within a matter of days.
    2. Great payment plans. Although bridging loans have higher than average interest rates when compared to longer term lending options; due to the increase in popularity for these types of loan, there are great rates and payment plans available. At Bridging Options, our expert brokers scour the market to bring you the best short term interest rates available.
    3. Better flexibility. Bridge loans can be used to fund property purchases or cover any financial costs. At Bridging Options, our loans are issued on a case by case basis and are therefore tailored to the needs of the individual.
    4. Limited paperwork. Unlike traditional forms of lending which require a host of detailed past and present information, bridging loans are offered based on affordability and a well planned exit strategy. At Bridging Options we have an affordability calculator so that you can see just how much you are eligible to borrow, and can receive an almost instant no obligation quote via your email or mobile.

    How can I get a business bridge loan?

    Most people, when seeking additional finance will turn to their own bank provider first. Whilst they may be able to offer you some long term funding options, you may find that they are not as flexible or as forthcoming as you need them to be.

    At Bridging Options, our brokers cover a wide range of business specialisms so are experts in the business lending arena. They can help you in getting the most competitive rates and depending on your exit plan, can recommend the best payment plan for your needs.

    As with any loan agreement, a business bridge loan is not something that you should rush into without having fully understood the implications, rates, repayment terms, and suitability first. It is important to note that any bridging loan used for commercial reasons or as an investment is not regulated, so, we highly recommend that you seek the right advice by talking to us today.

    How long will my bridge loan take to arrange?

    At Bridging Options, providing you have something to secure your loan against (such as property, land, equipment, stocks and shares, or invoices and sales), then we can typically arrange a business bridge loan within a few days – which is quicker than most high street banks!

    In need of a business bridging finance? Talk to the experts

    Bridge financing is a valuable tool for any business owner in executing unexpected business opportunities or challenges.

    When you contact Bridging Options, we will arrange a free telephone consultation with one of our top business brokers. They’ll take the time to understand your requirements and search the market for the best deals available.

    Whether your business is experiencing cash flow problems or in need of a short term financial fix, for a free, no obligation quote, contact Bridging Options today.

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    Commercial Loans

    Commercial bridging loans offer a short-term funding solution for businesses, landlords, property developers and land owners in the UK.

    Residential Loans

    Residential bridging loans are a popular and useful form of property finance, but at Bridging Options, we appreciate that comparing different rates and terms can be complex and confusing.

    Development Loans

    Development finance offers short-term funding to those who need help with the purchasing and/or building costs of a construction project.

    Why choose Bridging Options?

    As a commercial property investor, we understand the importance of securing finance quickly and efficiently in time for your next property venture. That is why we created Bridging Options, to help businesses and commercial property investors secure the finance they need with ease and access the best deals on the market.